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Educational and biking trails

Velika Paklenica Educational Trail
The most visited trail in the park leading from Velika Paklenica Canyon to the Mountain hut. The track has 10 educational panels providing information on the natural features of NP Paklenica and cultural features of the area.

Educational Trail Velika Paklenica

Paklarić Educational Trail with a belvedere
The Paklarić Educational Trail is situated along the left bank of the stream not far from the reception. The entrance to the trail is marked by panels. The educational trail begins with the old, renovated Paklenica Mill and leads to the Paklarić Fort at an elevation of 121 m, and the belvedere providing a panoramic view. The trail is 550 meters long and equipped with four educational/informative panels: The houses (stanovi) of Velebit, Traditional agriculture of Southern Velebit, Livestock breeding in Southern Velebit and caravan bird. The belvedere has a telescope and two interpretive panels specifying the important archeological sites.

Educational Trail Paklarić

Paklarić Fort

About the Paklarić Fort
An archeological exploration of Paklarić was carried in 2001. This included the defensive wall in the east part of the plateau, and a small amount of prehistoric ceramic and a large amount of medieval ceramic were discovered.
The said defensive wall is believed to have been built in the late Middle Age (14th-16th century) on and from the remains of a prehistoric stone wall fortification.
A large amount of animal bones, shells and fragments of clay tableware was discovered on the west edge of the plateau. Significant findings also include three silver coins of Venetian dukes.
This defensive facility is also believed to have been built in the late Middle Age, supervising the important communication from the sea through Paklenica to Lika and back.


Educational Trail “A Short Journey through History” and the Starigrad – Reljani Bike Trail
The eight-kilometers-long bike & pedestrian trail leads from the center of Starigrad – Paklenica to the reception in Velika Paklenica, through old villages all the way to Seline. The Educational Trail “A Short Journey through History” is part of this pedestrian & bike trail. It is equipped with five panels presenting the history of the area from prehistoric times to date.

Bike Trail

Pedestrian – Educational Trail “Pjeskarica”
Pedestrian – educational trail “Pjeskarica” stretches from Paklenica Mill to the car park in the Canyon, along the east bank of the creek. The 1,500 m long trail leads you through an area of diverse relief forms and lush vegetation. At the beginning of the trail there is a “classroom” where educational programs named “School in Nature” take place, while the rest of the trail is equipped with interpretation panels.


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