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Manita peć is the only cave in the Park area that is open and suitable for tours. The cave's broad chambers and the beauty of its cave formations have been enchanting visitors since 1937, when the trail was set up and visits began. It sits at an altitude of 570 m, and the walk up from the parking lot at Velika Paklenica takes about an hour and a half.

The cave is abundant with cave formations or speleothems. They differ in form and method of formation. The most frequent types of speleothems that you will find in Manita Peć are: stalagmites, stalactites, columns and flowstones (cascading rimstone dams). Some of these formations got their names from their interesting shapes, such as the Helmet, the Organ and the Witch.

Manita Peć cave is rich in underground fauna. In the cave you will discover numerous species of bats, and the research conducted so far has found a total of 52 taxa of invertebrates, 20 of which are true cave animals’ taxa. They have adapted to the underground environment and they usually cannot survive outside the cave. They are characterised by a lack of pigment and visual sensory organs, however, their other senses (olfactory, gustatory, tactile) are developed. Manita peć has been explored and searched for fauna by numerous renowned European biospeleologists. This resulted in discoveries of new species like the pseudoscorpion Chthonius radjai and the small crab Bogidiella sketi.

 „Manita peć“ cave

If you decide to visit Manita Peć, you will spend about 30 minutes in the cave accompanied by a guide, and you will discover many secrets of this intriguing underground world. The temperature in the cave is around 9°C all year round, so we recommend that you bring adequate clothing and when visiting during the warm season. Tours of the cave are only allowed with a guide.

Opening hours of Manita Peć cave:
April – Saturdays from 10 - 14
May, June and October – Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10 - 14
July, August and September – every day from 10 - 14

Special appointments should be announced in advance!

"The Witch"



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