Local religious customs

Mirila (Measures) are unique landmarks alongside the paths and trails of the Velebit Mountain. They were made in the period between the 17th and the 20th century, and are associated with a sepulchral custom of the local population who had to carry their dead to the cemetery because the church and the cemetery were far away. They consist of a headstone and a footstone, with paving between them. The length of the deceased was measured and marked with two stone tablets, so the measure was made after the deceased was buried. They were worshipped and visited more than the grave, where “only the body lies, without the soul that remained at the measure”.

Mirila, stone monuments to the departed, can be found along the mountain paths, passes, elevations and clearings of the Velebit Mountain. They preserve the memories of persons who died on the mountain slopes and had to be carried to the village church and then to the cemetery where they were buried. Today, Mirila are protected as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Croatia.

Visit exhibition "Mirila-resting places of the souls"  in ethno house Marasović in Starigrad-Paklenica. This is the exhibition about the stone markers of a unique funeral cult, which convey the customs, way of life and creativity of an entire era, in a contemporary interpretation of scientist and artist (Siniša ReberskiKrešimir RončevićRadivoj SimonovićTomo VinšćakMirjana TrošeljPetar i Josip StrmečkiJosip Zanki).



Site Grabove doline

There is preserved location with Mirila on the locality Grabove doline inside the Paklenica NP. These monuments are connected to the nearby settlement. 

Poučna staza Mirila

PLOČA TIP 8Tabla Mirila NP Paklenica 120x90cm 1

For more information, you can visit the Mirila Virtual Museum