Code of conduct

National Park is a vast, mostly unaltered area of exceptional and multiple natural values, which comprises one or more preserved or negligibly altered ecosystems and its primary function is conservation of genuine natural and landscape values.
Area of Paklenica National Park is protected by means of the Nature Protection Act.

Please help protect this area of exceptional values and beauty by respecting the following code of conduct:

2 Do not light fire

1 Do not throw cigarette butts

5 Take any waste back with you

6 Keep your dog on a leash

17 Walking outside the marked trails is prohibited

14 Do not damage any trees or bushes

10 Do not rip out any flowers or other plants

12 Do not frighten, disturb, hunt or kill any animal species

5 Do not contaminate water flows and springs

20 Do not make unnecessary noise

3 Camping on the territory of NP Paklenica is not allowed

  • Respect the local customs and tradition
  • You are required to have a ticket to NP Paklenica and present it to NP Paklenica officers at their request